Hoan Dang Reaches Public Matching Funds Threshold for At-Large County Council Race

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Silver Spring, MD— Hoan Dang, a Democratic At-Large candidate for Montgomery County Council, announced today that his campaign has received more than 250 contributions from Montgomery County residents, totaling over $20,000. Once certified by the Maryland State Board of Elections, Dang’s campaign will qualify for matching funds from the Montgomery County Public Campaign Financing Program.

“I’m participating in the public finance program because my campaign is about elevating the voices of our community to make sure they are heard in the council chambers,” said Dang in a statement. “I’m proud my campaign is fully funded and supported by Montgomery County residents, and not driven by special interest groups.”

Under the public financing law, passed by the County Council in 2014, At-Large candidates for County Council must receive at least 250 qualifying contributions. These contributions must total at least $20,000 (in aggregate) to qualify for the public financing program. Only donations made from Montgomery County residents up to a maximum amount of $150 per election cycle will qualify for public matching funds. Additionally, candidates cannot accept contributions from any business, political action committee (PAC), or special interest group. At-Large candidates are eligible to receive up to $250,000 in public matching funds during the primary and the general election.

“I’m very grateful for the abundance of support from community members across the County,” said Dang. “As your next At-Large County Councilmember, I’ll ensure open communication, real accountability and community based solutions so we can move forward toward a brighter future for Montgomery County.”

Dang, a former political refugee, has been a resident of Montgomery County for over 40 years. He is a well-known community organizer, Democratic activist, and public servant in Montgomery County.