Hoan Dang on Trump’s Failure to denounce Hate Groups

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As a former refugee and an immigrant to this country I denounce President Trump’s inability to call out white supremacist and other hate groups for their violent and un-American behavior in the strongest terms. Montgomery County is home to four out of 10 most diverse cities in the United States of America. When our President fails to denounce racism, bigotry and hatred against our fellow countrymen & women, it becomes important, now more than ever, for local communities to stand up to protect the most important fiber of the fabric of our nation: the diversity of the people who call Montgomery County and America home. I stand by in solidarity with my fellow County Council At-Large and State candidates, and all of those who care about advancing a tolerant, inclusive and equitable society. And we will fight to ensure that Montgomery County remains a beacon of light for tolerance and acceptance for all people. And I will not rest until all County residents, regardless of their race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability feel safe and welcomed in our community.