Dang Campaign Announces Strong Backing of Montgomery County Residents with End of Year Fundraising Totals

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Silver Spring MD–Hoan Dang, a publicly financed candidate for Montgomery County Council At-Large, recently filed an annual report that showed his campaign raising a total of $148,226. The report also reveals that Dang has received more than 400 donations from Montgomery County residents.

“My campaign is about elevating the voices of our community—and public financing ensures that our County residents are heard over special interest groups and developers,” said Dang. “Because of public financing, individuals who have never participated in our democracy now feel empowered to make a difference.”

As of January 10, Dang’s campaign 505 individual donors in total, with 406 individual donors residing in Montgomery County. Dang previously received $104,509 in publicly matched funds and plans to request for an additional $6,185 in public matching funds.

“I’m so grateful for my generous supporters who have given their time to volunteer and contribute to my campaign,” said Dang. “And I’m honored to have all of the support we’ve received from grassroots supporters across Montgomery County.”

For more information about Hoan Dang and his candidacy, please visit www.votedang.com.